This Week’s Links

End the Gun Epidemic in America by The Editorial Board – This is the first time in nearly 100 years that an editorial has made it to page 1 of the New York Times. I fully agree that it’s time to start taking steps towards more effective gun control in America.

On Pandering by Claire Vaye Watkins – An interesting essay I found via Metafilter on how women are set up as spectators and supporters for men and how women are often treated like they’re invisible or less than when there is a man around.

Why Does So Much Recyclable Plastic End Up as Trash by Jordan E. Rosenfeld – A glimpse into the world of plastic recycling and tips on how to encourage the use of more recycled plastic.

How ‘Super Smellers’ and Artificial Noses are Sniffing Out Disease by Mark Hay – Really neat article talking about how some people are able to smell diseases such as Parkinson’s. It talks about how they are trying to train dogs and other animals to also identify diseases and how eventually artificial noses might be used. The accuracy rate is fairly high and might help prevent people from going through more arduous diagnosis methods.

I Capture the Magnificent Deer Living in Richmond Park in the Middle of London by Sam Coppard


Pantone Colors of the Year – Rose Quartz & Serenity – They’ve never done two colors at once, but the reasoning is interesting. Get a glimpse of Sephora’s Pantone line for next year! The colors are pretty if you’re into pastels.

Sunil Livetweets Hamilton by Sunil Patel – If you’ve already listened to Hamilton the way I told you to do, then you’re probably very familiar with the reaction tweets he posted.