Automating the Cat

First off, I want you to take a look at this jerk:

pillow hog

She is just too stinking cute and she knows it. My Instagram account is half cat pictures and I don’t even care. If you’ve not met her yet, this is Sugar. She’s a delicate princess.

delicate princess

She’s also a bit bossy. Some might even say demanding. She’s very fond of her food and when I first got her, I’d come home and be tripped from the door to the kitchen, as she tried very urgently to show me that her bowl is empty and I should consider filling it. Now.

Knowing that one day this would lead to injury (mine or hers, the jury is still out), I decided that I needed to make sure she was fed before I got home.

The cat is now automated.

automated cat

She has an automatic feeder, set to go off about an hour before I get home. I even got a scoop so I could easily portion out her food without constantly getting a measuring cup dirty.

She has a water fountain, so that she always has running water available. (I didn’t get her water fountain from Amazon, but if I had, it would either be the frog fountain or this somewhat more grownup fountain.)

She even has an automated litter box complete with privacy hood, tucked away in a semi-private corner of the living room. After all, I too am a delicate princess and prefer not to be in close proximity to crap.

I can’t take credit for the litter box, it was a gift along with the cat. I buy inserts so that when it gets full, I just lift the box off, slide the dirty insert into a trash bag, and put down a new insert. Costs about $45 for 2-3 months and it’s well worth it.

We get along much better now that her daily care is largely automated. All I have to do on a daily basis now is pet her and take goofy pictures of her. Much more fun!

have you considered petting me

What pet care products have made your life easier?