Farewell, Good Friend

Thanksgiving morning, I woke up bright and early, eager to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I like the balloons and floats, watching the Broadway show performances, shaking my head at the presenters, and crowd-watching. It’s three hours worth of fun and I had enough time to watch the whole thing before I had to leave for my Thanksgiving plans.

I walked into the living room, picked up the remote and turned on the TV and waited for the Roku screen to come up so I could switch over to the antenna.

And I waited.

After a bit, I turned it off and turned it back on.


Parade: denied.

(I just want you to watch that and imagine it happening to you about 5 minutes before you are about to watch something you’ve been anticipating for two weeks. I also want you to forgive the shittiness of the video quality because I don’t have magical things like a tripod or fancy camera. This is my phone and it shows.)

I looked up the symptoms online and it appears that a power doohickey went out and it would cost $250-300 to repair. It’s possible I cried. An unexpected expense a month before Christmas–who wouldn’t shed a tear?

Sadly I had no inclination to fight the crowds on Black Friday and even less money. I’ll get a new TV next weekend and in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the TV that one of my friends lent me.


PS: While I didn’t watch the entire parade on YouTube afterwards, I did watch the Broadway clips. Here’s my favorite: