This Week’s Links

Is Facebook Luring You Into Being Depressed by Chelsea Ward – I don’t know if it’s happening more or if I’m just more aware of it, but I’ve seen a lot of friends take social media breaks lately. I’ve started cutting back on Facebook and I pretty much just use it for the occasional link share, to keep up on a couple of groups, and to wish people a happy birthday.

The Troubling Trendiness of Poverty Appropriation by July Westhale – This was a new perspective on tiny houses that I hadn’t considered before. I’ve spent a lot of time looking them up online and thinking “What if?” Hell, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to tiny houses.

Reading this article reminds me of that feeling of irritation I get when someone tells me, “I’ve found this great new grocery store! It’s so cheap and I love it!” It’s always fucking Aldi’s.

When I grew up, we shopped at Aldi’s and my memories are of struggling to find boxes to carry food home, dirty floors, and picking out pieces of corn husk from the canned corn. Why are you, my well-off friend who drives a new car and carries a $300 coach bag delighting in Aldi’s? It feels like poverty porn for me.

“This is where the poor people shop, but look–truffles right inside the door! Why are all the poor people talking about how they can’t afford to eat well?” goes the imaginary monologue I assign to all the people making enough money to not have to shop at Aldi’s.

The Original Harry Potter ScreenTests That Started It All – Daniel Radcliffe (Harry):

Baby Dan Radcliffe! If you’re a Potterhead, you’ll enjoy seeing this.

I Was Never One for History Class by Katherine Fritz – If you don’t already read I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog, you should start. This is just one of many thought-provoking posts that’s she’s written lately. If you’ve been paying attention to the current backlash against Muslims, click the link. If you haven’t been paying attention, you definitely need to click the link.

Humans of New York – I love this photo blog. The photographer started out taking pictures of New Yorkers and creating a photo map, but it’s evolved into so much more. Each picture has a quote or story attached by the subject of the picture. So far this month, he has been focusing on pictures of Syrian refugees taken before they left Jordan and Turkey to resettle in the US.





Necrokitty Comic Sans by Hannah Chutzpah – Have you ever had to put a pet to sleep and were then tormented by a bunch of cheesy well-meant platitudes afterwards? This poem is for you.