Lazy Sunday

I only had one errand today and I got that out of the way fairly quickly. My family, for a variety of reasons, believes I am a tech guru and phone support queen. As a result, I get to do fun things like help my step-grandpa pick out a smart phone for my grandma who has never had a smart phone before.

Happily, everything went well. He had an idea of the price range we were looking for, so there was no sticker shock. I asked the salesperson what the best option would be for my grandma’s first smart phone and he lead us to two choices. We picked, he paid, and the salesperson was nice enough to put everything together so all they have to do on Christmas morning is to turn the phone on and call to have the SIM activated.

We celebrated our shopping success by going back to the house and watching the end of the Chiefs game with Grandma. The last few minutes were tense as the Chargers fought all the way down to the last second.

Amusing side note: I was served Mountain Dew and Chili Cheese Fritos. Apparently my grandparents are secretly teenage boys? Interesting.

Afterwards, I had a nice quiet day of laundry, re-watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries, and talking on the phone. I’m storing up the relaxation time because next Sunday will be the busy capper to a super busy weekend filled with two days of intensive shopping (including TV shopping–yay!!!) and car maintenance! Perhaps I’ll drive around and look at all the lights while I’m at it.

What did you do today?