Star Trek Beyond – Trailer

I know everyone’s all hyped up about Star Wars and that’s great and everything.


Star Trek, you guys.

A friend shared the link with me and here are my first impressions. I redacted his comments for privacy/I didn’t ask him if I could post what he said/he was mostly just laughing at me anyways.

well that’s just typical
LOLs forever
It looks terrible and great all at the same time
terribly amusing? I hope

I made the mistake of scrolling down in the comments to see people complaining about the score
1. they’ve already used the song for this series, it makes sense
2. omg you weenies, how have you not noticed that this is badass action star trek

Upon further reflection, this is Star Trek after the director has played action movie bingo.

Hanging off a cliff? Got it!
Obviously telegraphed joke? Helloooooooo Bones.
Alien lady who still somehow has the conventional hottie body? Bangin’ like a screen door in a storm!
Hero gets separated from his bros? All over that!

Bingo! Time to lay down some film and make sweet sci-fi bro love to it.

It promises to be entertaining, but it also doesn’t really look like the Star Trek I grew up watching. I’m going to keep thinking of it the way I have for the previous two movies–this is a Star Trek AU developed by someone who really likes action movies, enjoys high school/college AUs, and enjoys the original but enjoys taking the piss out of Fans even more.

Despite being the person who bitches her way through the 2005 Pride & Prejudice movie because it is wrong wrong WRONG, I have no such compunctions with Star Trek and will no doubt happily pay $30 for my ticket, Twizzlers, bucket of popcorn and vat of soda when it comes out.

Are you looking forward to Star Trek Beyond next summer?