Friday Faves

Favorite News:

I got a promotion at work! I’ll be working in a new department at the start of the year. It’ll be more of a specialist position than the generalist position I’m currently in. I’m excited to have new things to do at work.

Favorite Purchase:

I have a new TV! It does fancy things like turn on and show me pretty pretty pictures. The dead TV was a 32″ and this one is a 40″ and it is a huge improvement! For extra happiness, I was able to drop the old TV off at Best Buy for recycling so it’s no longer taking up space in my apartment.

Favorite Quote:

In a time of destruction, create something.
Maxine Hong Kingston

Favorite Moment of the Day:

My asshole cat let Mom pet her instead of going for her default reaction of running under the bed. Good thing the cat is cute.

cute jerk