This Week’s Links

Neil Gaiman Reads A Christmas Carol – A classic read by a fabulous writer! He has a wonderful reading voice and it’s well worth a listen. The reading starts around 11:50.

11 of the Best Customer Service Stories Every by Stacy Conradt – Story #2 makes me smile every time I come across it on Tumblr. Stories #4 and #5 will likely make you teary and a little happy to know that these people exist in the world.

Mixiw Kickstarter – Check out these nifty modular notebooks! I hope this gets funded because it’s such a neat idea.

The Painful Truth About What It Means to Be ‘Working Poor’ in America by Nick Wing and Carly Schwartz – 22 short snippets of people’s lives which illustrate how crushing it is to be poor.

Gift Giving to Collectors by Jeri Dansky – Collections can be a boon to gift givers, but it’s important to make sure that the collector isn’t a bit picky. Collections can be so very personal that sometimes gifts are appreciated and sometime they become something to work around. If you’re thinking about buying an item to add to someone’s collection, it’s a good idea to run it past them or select an item off a wishlist.

Someone Drew Hamilton as a Disney Movie and It’s Amazing by Ellie Hall featuring artwork by Pati Cmak – Let’s file this under “things I didn’t know I needed until I saw it.”

Aaron Burr, Sir by Pati Cmak
Aaron Burr, Sir by Pati Cmak

9 Reasons Buffy Summers is TV’s Greatest Feminist by Emma Dibbin and GCG – This makes me want to watch Buffy again. Perhaps I need to re-watch some of my favorite episodes again soon!