Holiday Movies

I just got back from watching Love Actually with my step-mom. She’d never seen it before, can you believe it?

She asked me to bring some Christmas movies over and I did, mostly out of self-defense. It was lug around several DVDs or watch Nutcracker or A Christmas Carol (acceptable ACC versions for me involve Mickey Mouse, Doctor Who, and Neil Gaiman; everything else can bugger off).

I avoided temptation and left the Doctor Who DVDs behind. Instead, I pulled all my movies that are Christmas themed or have Christmas scenes. I tend to re-watch most of these movies around the holidays:

Miracle on 34th Street – the original version
White Christmas – upon my last watch, I realized how startlingly white it is–not a black actor to be seen
Holiday Inn – definitely an example of a problematic fave
Love Actually – for that fun mixture of schmoopy lurve and asshole/creepy behavior
Meet Me In St Louis – Judy Garland, need I say more?
While You Were Sleeping – another mix of cute and creepy
Shop Around the Corner – I remember I was torn away from watching the end of this as a kid and I was distraught
Sleepless in Seattle – I sure do have a lot of creepy cute movies that I associate with Christmas
When Harry Met Sally – more New Year’s Eve than Christmas, but whatever
Bridget Jones’s Diary – same
The Cutting Edge – shut up, there’s a Christmas scene
Edward Scissorhands – the climax is at a Christmas party, it also totally counts

What about you–what movies say Christmas to you?