It’s strange, I’m almost ready for the holidays, but it doesn’t seem like it should be time yet.

I’ve wrapped my gifts, but I’ve not decorated. I’ve picked out the baked goods I’m bringing with me, but I haven’t baked them. I got off work early enough to go visit people on Christmas Eve, but I still don’t know where I’m sleeping that night. I have no Christmas CDs in my car. I haven’t looked at lights or baked cookies, which are some of my favorite things to do for the holidays.

Does anyone else feel spectacularly unprepared? I know everything will go well and a fun time will be had. It just feels like I’m not anywhere near ready.

I’m going to wake up early tomorrow and bake something. Maybe that will help.

Or maybe I’ll just have peppermint Joe Joes for breakfast and call it good. We’ll see.