This Week’s Links

There has been so many Hamilton links this week that I’ve loved. Leslie Odom Jr discussing being Aaron Burr with NPR. The use of history in Hamilton. Howard Sherman discussing the Ham4Ham videos that he records. A truly excellent Saga + Hamilton mashup. Lin-Manuel Miranda discussing Hamilton, why he thinks Trump should see it, racial politics and more.

Speaking of racial politics, a black woman has been cast as Hermione in the upcoming play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child and there has been some backlash, saying that of course Hermione is white, she was played by a white actress in the movies. There is an assumption of default whiteness in media, which needs to be reconsidered. JK Rowling is on board with black Hermione, as am I. Some of my favorite Harry Potter fanart involves black Hermione and biracial Harry.

Tracey Norman has a fascinating story that I had never heard about until this week–she was the first black trans model and at one point she was so popular she had her face on a box of Clairol hair dye.

If you can read this story about the origins of the Make-a-Wish Foundation and not shed a tear or two, you are far less prone to tears than I am.

I’m fat and my weight has fluctuated a couple times over the years. Once when I was so stressed that I couldn’t eat and ended up dropping a few dress sizes in a month. (I do not recommend doing this. It is shitty, amazingly awful and makes you second guess everything everyone ever says to you about your appearance.) Another time was deliberate when I lost about 40 pounds going to Weight Watchers. Weight loss definitely can cause body dysphoria and disordered thinking about food. Please don’t compliment someone on their weight loss unless you know it was deliberate. You might be making an already crappy experience even worse.

Instead of going on service trips as an unskilled worker, consider donating the money you would have spent on the trip to local charities and organizations. Voluntourism is often focused on the traveler and not the people they are ostensibly there to help.

As always, Katherine from I Am Begging My Mother Not to Read This Blog is here with yet another excellent post, discussing why feminism is still needed.

Despite my excitement for the show, I’m still only about halfway through watching Jessica Jones. It’s very good, but also very hard to watch. As a knitter, I’m excited to see that Krysten Ritter is One Of Us. Sadly, there is no mention of the pattern used for the cowl she wears in the show.

jessica jones cowl

Once again, an Austen fan has had to take to the internet to remind everyone that Jane Austen would have not been amused by all the swooning over her stories. The social commentary far outweighs the love stories. I’m not saying that one needs to come without the other, just that it’s sad that she’s recognized more for love stories than she is for hilarious send-ups of people who we all still interact with today. If you don’t know a Miss Bates, Lydia Bennet, or Marianne Dashwood, then I suspect you’re not paying attention to the people around you. If you’re interested in an in-depth study of Austen, her writing, and the time period, you really should check out Persuasions by the Jane Austen Society of North America.

There’s going to be a revival of Singin’ in the Rain on Broadway. Will this be what finally gets me to fly to New York and plunk down a month’s worth of rent on a ticket? Maybe.

I have not seen Star Wars yet (maybe tomorrow!). I’ve been hearing good things about it and have remained mostly unspoiled. This reaction to the trailer is how I think a lot of us felt.