Later, 2015

Ah, New Year’s Eve. The day when you can not escape the retrospective “Best of” and “Worst of” lists. In fact, the only thing that outnumbers those lists are all the resolutions people are making.

While I can’t promise to avoid a 2015 recap, I do promise that you’re not going to get a list or resolution out of me.

2015 started off pretty shitty, when my Dad had emergency back surgery and the world was pretty much put on hold until he was on a more stable footing. He’s much better now and I think we probably have a better relationship as a result of all that the year threw at us, so that’s good.

Mom moved out of the house she’d lived in since I was in middle school, so that was weird. It was really strange seeing the house get packed up. She’s now living next door to my sister and my nieces, which is neat. I’d have loved to have a grandma living next door when I was a kid.

One of my best friends moved out of the state, which kinda sucks for my social life. Good for her though, I think she’s happier there. She still comes back to visit and I’m hoping to get out there soon to return the visit.

The 2015 Broadway season was great at Starlight and I’m definitely looking forward to the 2016 lineup of shows. I get season tickets with one of my friends and it’s a fun way for us to catch up over the summer months.

My Great-Grandpa Al passed away earlier this year at 99. I went to a beautiful wedding for one of my aunts. One of my grandmothers moved back to town.

I got a new job at my company, which I’ll be starting next week.

The Royals won the World Series!!!

Somehow, improbably, the Chiefs have ended up in the playoffs.

There have been a lot of highs this year and several lows. This is how the years pass. While the lows were awful and scary and sad, the highs tend to make up for them. I hope your highs offset the lows for 2016.

PS: I don’t care if I’ve shared that video for New Year’s Eve before or not. It’s likely going to happen again. Consider it a tradition.