This Week’s Links

This Girl is a Squirrel – Cutest Instagram account I’ve come across this week.

18 Journals That Will Give Your Brain a Workout by Arianna Rebolini – Check out these amazing journals! I want nearly every single one of them.

Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Outer Space by Lindsay Miller – This echoes a lot of my thoughts about having a ridiculously large chest.

Alden Amos, Whose Spinning Wheels Gave Craft a Brighter Fate, Dies at 77 by Margalit Fox – Alden Amos did so much to help keep spinning alive and it’s sad to see that he’s passed away.

All The Single Ladies (and there will be more and more of us) by Jude Burger – While I don’t agree with all of the language, it does describe a growing population–single women who don’t give a damn about getting married just to be married.

Disney confirms new Indiana Jones movie is in the works by Ben Kaye – After Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, I thought we’d all agreed that Indy needs no further sequels. Now that I’ve written that out, I’m going to consign IJ&tKotCS to the same place where Spider-man 3 lives: hell.

Hell yes, Aretha:

“Sense & Sensibility” is Austen Adaptation Gold, 20 Years Later by Sara Selzer – discusses the adaptation vs the novel, the brilliance of the cast, and how Emma Thompson is the best ever.

The Rumpus Interview With Jenny Lawson by Lianne Stokes – I really appreciate Jenny Lawson. She’s hilarious and with her blog and her latest book, Furiously Happy, she’s done a lot to bring mental illness up for discussion.

Body Positive in the New Year: I Am Not a “Before” by Cashmerette – Hell fucking yes. She discusses body positivity and how it can be a struggle.

Neil Gaiman’s New Year’s Wish:

30 Years Later, Real Genius is Still the Geek Solidarity Film That Nerd Culture Deserves by Emily Asher-Perrin – Definitely one of my favorite geek movies. If you’ve not watched it, add it to your queue now.

Nellie Bly, Rabblerouser and Pioneer of Investigative Journalism by Kate Horwitz – This is really just the Nellie Bly highlights reel. She was more of a badass than you’ve probably ever considered being.

Poiret Coat – Conservation Treatment | MFIT – I learned that FIT has a YouTube channel. I lost half a day to this discovery.

Kevin Sessums at the Queer History of Fashion Symposium – I wasn’t joking about the FIT channel stealing all my time. I watched a lot of the Queer History of Fashion videos and this one really stood out for me.

Dr. Monica L Miller at the Queer History of Fashion Symposium – Despite the someone boring title, they’re talking about Janelle Monáe. You might remember her from this gush fest from a while ago.

It’s Quiet Uptown covered by Musicality – Hey, want to see a bunch of teenagers sing a song and make you cry? Excellent, here you go.

Resolutions, Via Theatre, For 2016 by Howard Sherman – I know I said I don’t do resolutions, but this is Broadway, damn it.

Lover of the Light by Mumford & Sons – Because there’s no such thing as enough Idris Elba.