This Week’s Links

Obama to Consider Executive Actions on Gun Violence by Emmarie Huetteman and Gardiner Harris – Fuck yeah, Obama! Keep on being my favorite.

$3 Million for 7 Weeks by Amanda Yaggy – Heartbreaking story about how a woman’s husband went through unnecessary chemotherapy. While I think chemo has helped many people, I do think that doctors need to assess the situation better and take everything into account before recommending it.

12 houseplants to avoid if you have pets by Katherine Martinko – There is a better than average chance that someone reading this has pets. So here, keep them alive a bit longer.

19 Euphoric Experiences For People Who Love Stationery by Jasmin Nahar – It’s possible that I’m currently infatuated with stationery. Maybe. (I totally am and want to give all my money to JetPens.)

“The Tap Awakens” – ‘Star Wars’ Tap Dance Medley ft. Sarah Reich – Have you seen The Force Awakens yet? If not, go see it because it’s awesome. Even my friends who don’t enjoy sci-fi liked it.

The Adventures of ‘The Only Woman in the Department’ by Robot Hugs – Great comic showing how many women are depended upon to perform unacknowledged emotional labor in the workplace.

13 Sizzling Facts About ‘Some Like It Hot’ by Dante A Ciampaglia – I love lists like these. Normally I enjoy getting to read them and check off “yes, I already knew that!” but there were actually a few things I didn’t know in there. Hooray for new knowledge!

The Best Chocolate Bar by Lesley Stockton – Sweethome just did a chocolate bar review. In related news, I need to go shopping for chocolate. I do enjoy the fact that they consulted Christopher Elbow, my favorite local chocolatier.

10 Charities Looking for Yarn Crafters by Miss Cellania – Hello my fellow crafters! If you’re not a selfish jerk knitter like me, you probably enjoy doing the occasional charitable crafting. Enjoy the list and perhaps you’ll find your next charity.