Movie Links

There’s been a lot of movie-related things happening the past few months and I’ve been hoarding links!

We had a really shitty week in January. You know the one.

David Bowie died of cancer. I watched Labyrinth the day I found out because that’s the first thing Bowie did that I ever connected with. So many people I know and love were affected by his passing. He was an icon for the weird among us. David Bowie’s very existence made it easier to be odd.

Not content with Bowie, cancer then stole Alan Rickman from us. The Mary Sue collected remembrances from several of his Harry Potter co-stars. I’m with The Bloggess–I cried when I found out.

Moving slightly on to Harry Potter videos, here’s a great breakdown on why Prisoner of Azkaban is the best Harry Potter movie:

And who hasn’t wanted to see Hermione as the main character?


kate mckinnon wink

Once upon a time, a copy of Vanilla Sky was given to me and I bitched publicly and at length about how terrible I found it. My friend Shawn was foolish enough to say he’d watch it and live-tweet it. I forced the DVD on him at a tweet-up years ago and I’ve been bugging him about it ever since.

A few weeks ago, he told me he was ready and we picked a time for his live-tweet so I could watch his hopes and dreams wither away in 137 excruciating minutes. It was glorious. He was kind enough to share his experience on Medium so others could learn from his mistakes.