Blackberry Keeps Trying

Oh, I remember my Blackberry phones. My Blackberry 7100t and Blackberry Pearl were great. I still miss the unified inbox feature where all my chats and emails would show up together. Get on that, Google.

Earlier this year they released the Blackberry Priv for $699 and it was maybe a teensy bit overpriced. They had some great features on it–slider, still the same unified inbox, and encrypted messages. Unfortunately for them, they priced the phone at least $200 higher than people would be willing to pay for the specs. You can now get an unlocked Priv for a little over $400 on Amazon.

Thankfully, they do seem to have realized that they were charging way too damned much. I’ll be interested to see the final specs and prices for their new trio of Blackberry phones. Who knows? Maybe it’ll be enough to tempt me away from my Nexus 5x.

In the meantime, here’s your song of the day, courtesy of Blackberry: