Using the myth of 9th month abortions to defend voting for Trump

Dr. Jen Gunter

Since the election I have been contacted by many people reporting that they have friends defending their votes for Trump because they could not bring themselves to support Hillary Clinton due to her position on abortion. For them the issue wasn’t that Clinton ran on a pro-choice platform, but rather she “supported abortion at term.” Ethically, how could one vote for that?

From one friend on FB:


Except that’s not what Clinton has said nor her platform. She has had a long political career so finding out what she has said, supported, and how she has voted is not exactly hard. This ninth more abortion idea may be a perversion of this Clinton comment, “The unborn person doesn’t have constitutional rights,” but that doesn’t mean nine month abortions.

It takes typing just five words (Hillary Clinton position on abortion) into a search engine and clicking the first link to get…

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