Share Your Happy

  • My desk at work has been lowered! Before this happened, my chair was at the highest setting, my shoulders were up near my ears, and my arms had to angle up to the desk. Now I can sit with my feet on the floor and don’t have to hunch weirdly to type and use the mouse. I’ll be interested to see how this affects back/neck/shoulder pain and headaches.
  • Free food for lunch! Sure, it was Panera, which…um. But hey! Free food.
  • I had dinner tonight with my grandma and introduced her to a new-to-her restaurant.
  • We also went to Barnes and Noble where I may have gotten a book or two.
  • I got my Sephora VIB sale shipment in today. It was a good haul and I think there’s only one thing I’ll have to return. I’ll post pictures on Instagram soon.
  • Grandma gave me some old interior design books and they are magical. I’ll try to share some pictures soon.

What about you? How was your day? Did anything good happen? If so, please share below in the comments.