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GoodReads: Rereading Is Here! Let’s Say It Again. Rereading Is Here! – This is great news!

15 Tips & Tricks to use Twitter like a boss – I use the hell out of Twitter, but I recognize not everyone does. Some of these tips can be very useful. I love Lists to keep track of different issues/sets of people.

The AIDS Memorial – Instagram – This IG has been an enlightening follow.

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. . "I was working in the mail room of a company I worked for, and they “NEW” guy (pictured left with me on the right) was starting that day. In walked the most beautiful man I had ever see. His name was Duane. I was in love by lunch. . We spent all of our time together. We never ran out of things to talk about. #GMHC was having free #AIDS testing one day and we thought what the hell, let’s get tested. A week later we came back for our results. I was negative, but I heard his voice in the counselor’s office crying. I burst in, took him in my arms, (I’m 6’2” and Duane was 5’5”) picked him up, and cradled him in my arms telling him that he’s not alone because I will always be there. . We spent the next 5 years with him going through some of the most awful treatments. One of them was aerosol pentamidine where because the vapor was so toxic he had to sit alone in a booth and breathe in this poison. #AZT was still a year away at this point. . One day he collapsed at work, and I was 6 inches from the bumper of the ambulance the whole way. Then both of his lungs collapsed, and #pneumocystispneumonia. His beautiful muscular skin then started to show #kaposissarcoma. His body was shutting down. I stayed at his bedside, even though he was awake but couldn’t talk, I could read in his eyes he wanted to say he loved me and I answered for him. I told him that no words were needed, he still mouthed “I love you Mario”. I told him I love you too, I always have and I always will till the end of time. . My minister urged me to go home and shower and change and come back because I had been there at his bedside for 8 days at that point. As soon as I opened the door, the phone rang. Duane was dead. . We had his service at our church, and I drove out to Ohio for him to be buried next to his brother, and back again in November when the headstone was placed. This is the 25th year of the anniversary of his death this May, and I’ll be there, and one day we’ll be together again. Once in a while he comes to me in my dreams and hugs and holds me, and I grieve again. I’m still negative, and I feel guilt." – by Mario Troncarrelli @Mr_matrelli

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