Surely we all knew I’d eventually get bossy enough that I’d create an advice blog? I’ve nuked the site (old news) to create something new. Instead of talking about myself, I’m making this all about ways I’ve found to improve your situation. Some of the suggestions may be shitty incremental improvements, but I do try to always move towards improvement.

I’ll be adding things sporadically as they occur to me. If you have a question, please submit it and I’ll do my best to help you out–even if it’s just to direct you to a better resource. If you do not want a response directly on the site, be sure to say that when asking your question.

To make this more interesting for you, please have a cat:

brown tabby cat with green eyes and white fur on her chest staring at you with an intense look. Is it judgement? disgust? you're not certain, but you do feel like you have been measured and found lacking. You can see the bell from her collar.

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