Trick Your Brain: Subscriptions

I have about $X/month allotted to subscriptions that I’ve gotten to trick my brain into doing something useful. Typically when I am paying for a subscription, I don’t want to waste my money, so I’m more likely to do the thing.

Right now, I’m paying a subscription for a car wash and Habitica (gamifies checking items off your to do list).

If I wash my car twice a month, the subscription pays for itself. The benefits: if the outside of my car is clean, I’m more likely to attend to the inside of the car. If the inside of my car is clean, it’s less stressful to be in my car.

If I use Habitica, I have a place to keep my to do lists and it’s broken out into habits, dailies, and one off items. If I check things off, I get cute prizes and I help my guild also win cute prizes. I also get things done!

When I find myself getting bored of one or both of these subscriptions, I’ll move on to something else, like a meal kit service.

If you have the room in your budget and there’s something you want to accomplish, check to see if there’s a subscription service that might help you accomplish your goals.

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