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Here’s what happened when I asked every TD in Ireland if they liked Beyoncé – This is my kind of political reporting. Lin-Manuel Miranda Leaves the Best Drunk Voicemail in ‘Drunk History’ Deleted Scene – New life goal: getting a drunk voicemail from LMM. Or anyone, really. I love drunk voicemails. Listening to Janelle Monae – not-so-casual reminder… Continue reading Links


Dear NBC:

You may not remember me, but I am a viewer aged between 25-49. I’m told that advertisers like to have me watching television shows. I like to tell other people about TV shows I watch and convince them to watch with me. I am a fan of television. I am no longer a fan of… Continue reading Dear NBC:

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Private Eyes

Shawn and Gus are back on January 27th! Apparently USA is going to try them out on Wednesdays. I love the promo videos they do for this show and “Private Eyes” is no exception. Video highlight? Carlton’s crazy eyes towards the end.